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Harry’s Top 25 Horror Movies to Watch Before Deciding You Hate the Genre!

My aunt loves to criticize horror movies. She says they are all stupid, have no plot and are all about the killing and the sex. This is a huge generalization that most real-horror fans would highly disagree with. These criticisms are highly ironic because my aunt has only seen one horror movie in her lifetime: Friday the 13th (2009). She took me to see it when I was fourteen because I was still too “young” to see a rated-R movie (you are never too young). Seeing the remake of Friday the 13th was how I learned that Michael Bay is the worlds shittiest director. My aunt uses this one crappy remake to back up all her criticisms of the horror genre. I believe that you cannot judge the horror genre until you have viewed all the essential horror films. Here is a list of what I believe to be the most essential horror movies to watch before developing a criticism of the genre.


3.Nightmare of Elm Street 1-3
4.Evil Dead 1&2
5.The Exorcist
6.Carrie (1978)
7.Silence of The Lambs
9. Night/Return of the Living Dead
10.Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
11.Friday the 13th 1-4
12.Blair Witch Project
16. An American Werewolf in London
17. Misery
18. Sleepaway Camp
19.Childs Play
20.The Conjuring
21.You’re Next
22.The Burning
23.Cabin In the Woods
24.Drag Me to Hell
25. Paranormal Activity