Hooky: Excerpt #1



Lover’s Lane, an eerie desolate patch of woods that overlooks a large cliff. The moon shines over like a dimly lit beacon.
ALAN, an African-American teen, about 16 years old, is fleeing from an unknown force. He looks like a deer staring into headlights; blood is dripping from his chin. The sound of footsteps is coming from behind him, but his loud breathing overpowers the sound.

Please, please don’t hurt me.

No response. A shadow of a hook appears on the side of a tree.

I can you give you
whatever you want.

He sees the light of a parking lot and runs towards it.

A hand reaches in front and grabs Alan. BOBBY, a teenage football player, is standing in front of him, snarling like a bull.

I got him guys, you can come out

Several other football players emerge from the woods, LIAM, JACK,GERALD,DONALD And DAVID. Liam grabs Alan and throws him to the ground. The other guys form a circle around him. Donald has an umbrella in his hand. “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” is playing on the movie screen.

Now I thought this was supposed to
be a white’s only theater?

He kicks Alan in the chest.

I’m sorry, please, I just wanted to
see the movie.

You just wanted to to see the movie?
This isn’t New York boy. Just because
they’re letting your kind into school’s
now, does not give you the right to walk
wherever you please.

Alan tries to look away, Gerald brutally smacks the back of his head

Now you listen to him boy! Listen good!

There are rules to help separate us lions
from the other zoo animals and you broke
them. You know what they do to people
like you in Missouri? There was a boy
just like you.Now he talked funny to
a white woman and guess what they
did to him?
No, please!
They took ‘im and dragged his body
from the back of a pickup truck.

Somebody, help me!

Alan gets up, he takes a swing at Liam, hitting him square in the forehead. Donald throws Alan down again and gives him a solid smack in the ribs with the umbrella.

Now that’s not very nice,
you got blood on my varsity
letter.Momma ain’t gonna
like that.

He punches Alan several times. Then he spits on him.
Jack, why don’t you take
a kick?
I don’t want to scuff
up my shoes.

Help! Someone please
help me!

I’m not gonna kill you boy,
that goes against the good book.
Besides I don’t wanna see
your momma blubbering on
my television set.

A beautiful girl, MARY, emerges from behind the crowd.

Hey, you boys leave him alone!
Do you want to go to prison?

No mam.

Mary, stay out of this.

No Jack, I won’t and if
you want a ride home,
you best stop picking on him.

The other guys laugh, Jack is extremely embarrassed.

You,(points to Alan) go home.
Go home and don’t look back.

Alan gets up and runs away, the other guys leave as well. The movie ends, all the cars in the lot begin to drive away, leaving Jack and Mary alone.

Gerald stands in front of the drive-in smoking a cigarette. A darkened car pulls up to him. The window rolls down, a figure waves to him. Gerald walks slowly to the car.

Excuse me sir, do you know how
to get to Maple street from here?

Yeah, just keep goin’ straight
down this road and take a left
on Bowdoin street. You’ll see
another sign on your right.

Thank-you sir.

Gerald is left alone in the parking lot. Another shadowed figure emerges from behind him, and plunges a hook straight through Gerald’s stomach. The killer eyes an old tow truck sitting at the corner of the parking lot.



Sleepaway Camp: The Musical! ♪♫


By Harry Watson

Pretty much every good horror movie has been adapted into a stage musical, as weird as that sounds. To name a few: Evil Dead, Re-animator, Carrie, Halloween and The Human Centipede. Sleepaway Camp has always been one of my favorite horror films and I got to thinking: Why hasn’t Sleepaway Camp been made into a musical? It probably has something to do with the lady balls shown at the end of the movie or the fact that only true horror fans even know of the movie. For those of you who haven’t seen Sleepaway Camp, the film follows Angela Baker, a shy, awkward, girl with a very dark secret. Angela gets sent to Camp  Arawak, where she becomes the victim of bullying. One by one campers are picked off like flies, until the killer is discovered. Sleepaway Camp is certainly not your average camp slasher flick. I think a musical version of Sleepaway Camp would be absolutely hilarious so I took the liberty of creating a fake song list inspired by the movie.

Sleepaway Camp: The Musical!

Act I

1. Camp Arawak: Closed for Business- Ghost Campers

2. Motor Boating Baby.- Craig, Maryanne, Dolores, John,                   Young Peter,  Young Angela

3. That Simply Will Not Do- Aunt Martha, Ricky

4. Man o’ Man- Paul, Ricky, Judy, Camp Boys

5. Get it? Got it? Good! / Special Girl- Meg, Judy, Camp Girls

6. They’re Never Too Young To Step Inside.-Artie

7. You’re Never Too Old… To Say Goodbye.-Killer, Artie

8. Kinda Crazy/ Goodnight Angela.- Kenny,Billy, Camp Boys,          Paul

9. Hey Bobery Bob/ It ‘s You!- Kenny, Killer

10. God Dammit Angela- Judy, Meg, Camp Girls

11. I’ve Heard Crazier- Mel,Ronnie, Paul, Ricky

12. God Dammit Angela Reprise- Judy

13. It Ends Here/ Life Stings- Ricky, Killer, Billy

Act II

14. Cabin Killer- Mel, Ronnie, Ricky, Paul, Angela, Judy, Meg,        Campers

15. Something Between Us/ I’m Not Ready- Paul, Angela,               John, Young Peter, Young Angela,

16. That Wasn’t So Bad?- Judy

17. Mozart’s Lament- Mozart

18. A Little Dip- Mel. Ricky, Judy, Meg, Angela, Ronnie

19. What Are You Looking At? Meg’s Shower Sonata-                       Meg, Killer

20.Meet Me At The Waterfront- Angela, Paul

21. Judy’s Hotspot Sensation- Judy, Killer

22. It Can’t Be!-Ricky, Mel, Killer, Eddie

23. Chick With A Dick- Ronnie, Angela

24. Finale