12 Facts You Need to Know About IT (2017)


This Friday the Losers club will return on the big screen to battle fear itself in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Here’s the Top 12 things you need to know before buying your tickets.


1.IT (2017) is not a remake

Many Stephen King fans remember the 1990’s IT Mini-series fondly, however this adaptation was made for the big screen and will be a lot more graphic than television can handle.  




2.Stephen King was not consulted

Like many of his adaptations, Stephen King was not contacted by the directors of the film. Despite this, King said that he enjoyed the film more than he thought he would. King’s son, Joe King also stated that he thought the film was one of the “scariest films of all time.




3.The film is set in the 1980’s

The majority of the novel’s childhood scenes were set in the 1950’s, but this adaptation will be set in the time of 8-bit video games and perms. Buddy Holly and Jerry Lewis have been replaced by New Kids on the Block all so the next film, set in the adult year’s of the Loser’s club, could be set in present day.


4. Derry history plays a major role

Unlike the mini-series which vaguely referenced the history of the fictional town in which it’s set in, IT (2017) does not hold back on describing Derry’s bloody past, so much that history comes to life. This movie will have you looking at Easter egg hunts in a whole new light.



5. The film borrows heavily from the book…

King fans will notice many subtle nods to aspects from the novel such as Patrick Hockstetter, Eddie Cochran, the Black Spot, Witcham street, the Neibolt house, a certain statue of an american hero and more.


6.The movie changes many aspects too

You won’t see any of the Loser’s playing around in this movie. Much of the novel has the Losers spending time on architecture projects and pretend games, but in this version, the Losers immediately get down to business and go body hunting. The movie also omits scenes included in the novel and the miniseries, giving the movie a quicker pace.




One of the most iconic scenes in IT is the meeting between Pennywise and Bill’s brother Georgie. Much of IT’s storyline is driven by Bill Denborough relentlessly trying to avenge the death of his brother. Fans of the miniseries will recall the scene where little Georgie reaches into a sewer drain to retrieve a paper boat and is subsequently killed by the clown. In this movie Georgie’s body goes missing, leaving Bill in more serious denial over his loss.



8.Bill’s stutter

When the first trailer for the IT movie was released, fans had one big question on their minds, where the hell is Bill’s stutter? In the novel, Bill Denborough’s  most defining characteristic is his infamous stutter made worse by the death of Georgie. According to director Andy Muschietti, Bill’s stutter was left out of the trailers so that audiences who were not familiar with IT, would not be confused by his dialogue, however, the movie does leave this aspect in tact.



9.IT has other forms than a clown

While Pennywise the Dancing clown is one of ITs most common (and terrifying forms), one of the bigger aspects of the monster is its ability to change shape into anything a child fears, this occurs in the film as well. Notable forms include a leper and a creepy flute player from all your nightmares about music class.



10.The Losers are friends in real life

In recent interviews with the children of IT, actors Finn Wolfhard (Richie Tozier) and Jaeden Lieberher (Bill Denborough) both said that the cast got along well and that this helped them all to be more connected with their characters. Wolfhard is no “stranger” to working with a group of children on a project set in the 1980’s, but the other actors also managed to use their friendship to shape their on-screen dynamic as well.




11.IT will be getting a sequel

With over 1000 pages in length, IT tells the story from the perspectives of the Losers as kids and adults, switching back and forth between timelines. Muschietti stated that the film would be getting a sequel so that the Adult storyline would be shown. The next film will also go more in depth into Derry’s history.



12.The Turtle

Wait, what does a turtle have anything to do with IT? In the novel, it is discovered that the universe the Losers live in was created by a giant space turtle (yes, you read the correctly.) The evil entity of IT is also an extraterrestrial being as well, and is both threatened and sustained by the Turtle. The Turtle is significant to all Stephen King works because it plays the “God” role and links  other books ,such as the Dark Tower Series, Under the Dome and The Stand, together.

In the novel, Bill Denborough meets the Turtle and discovers IT’s weakness, however the film’s usage of the Turtle is a lot more subtle. The Turtle is merely alluded to through appearances of turtle and space imagery (think of it as a hidden Mickey.) All this is done to set up the events of the sequel when the Losers will battle IT as adults. 



IT (2017) premieres in US theaters today (09/07/17.) Buy your tickets now if you are brave enough, see it alone if you are braver.


10 Flaws Scream: The TV Series Needs To Dispose Of If It Wants To Survive The Sequel

When MTV announced that it was making a television series spin-off of the Scream franchise, many fans were excited to see the return of their beloved horror icon, Sydney Prescott as well as Ghostface. However, this never happened as MTV wanted to make it’s own loose adaptation of the movies that had entirely new characters and a new location. Sayonara Woodsboro, hello Lakewood (no resemblance there.) Unfortunately, when the show finally premiered, many of the original fans and critics were severely disappointed. While the show attracted a newer, much younger audience, the were all sorts of flaws that caused the shows already low ratings to plummet even further. Yet somehow Scream: The TV Series was renewed for a second season. In the words of Scream fan favorite Randy Meeks, “There’s a formula to it. A very simple formula!” And if Scream: The TV Series is going to survive the sequel, there are a few certain flaws it needs to give the ax to.

1.Pretentious Violin Music

Who composed the score of this show? Yo Yo Ma? I feel like I’m in a high class art gallery instead of watching a horror tv show. The only horror tv show that can get away with using pretentious violin music is Bates Motel because it’s a show based off of Alfred Hitchcock.  


  1. All The Music Actually

Seriously, what the fuck is it with the music of this show? It’s like the creators of the show were browsing through some basic teen girls Spotify playlist and were like “let’s put this in our show because white girls.” Is this supposed to be horror tv show, because it certainly doesn’t sound like it.



Dear lord, it’s even worse than we thought!


  1. Social-media References

There are so many references to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ect. You would almost expect this show to have been written by Hillary Clinton. We get it, young people are shallow beyond repair and cannot live without technology. Easy there Grandma!



  1. Bad Dialogue

To quote a famous playwright “Action walks, bullshit talks.” This show’s character spend way too much time telling viewers  what a horror show is supposed to look like rather than taking it’s own advice. Some of the line’s in this show are so awful


Seriously, stop!

5.Being Cliched

The point of Scream was to subvert the cliches of the horror genre not become one. There is nothing fresh or inspired about this new installment to the Scream franchise other than it being a tv show. One of the worst mistakes in the horror genre is even made by episode 3… killing the “token minority.” Isn’t the point of the Scream franchise to subvert cliches? Guess not. Scream: The TV Series serves as poor remake of the original movie that just drags on forever.


6.Basic Romance Drama

It wouldn’t be an MTV series without your basic romance drama.  At the beginning of the series Emma finds out her true love Will had slept with their best friend Nina (a month after their freaking breakup. So Emma decides her life is over because her boyfriend is a scumbag. So I guess you could say their breakup was a little messy afterwards and that’s what you missed last time on Glee!  Scream the Tv Series feels like a rehash of Dawson’s Creek or Degrassi what with all this on/off relationship bullshit. We’ve been down this road before and if you watch MTV’s Awkward, you’ve been down this road one…two…err eleven… fuck it I lost count. Hopefully MTV can ditch the typical romance plots and stick to horror because some of us are not as Noah would say “all watching the zombie show to see if the hick and the housewife sleep together.”



  1. Rich Kid Problems

Yes, because rich white kids are such relatable characters in today’s generation. Why not have a plot where a character blames affluenza on their killing spree. If this show was any more basic it would be an Oprah Chai Latte from Starbucks. I have trouble feeling sympathy for characters who live in celebrity mansions and post harmful videos of their friends all over the internet.



Most episodes will feature at least one scene in which geek boy Noah (aka New Randy) turns to the camera to tell the audience everything they already know. This is like subtitles for stupid people who can’t understand an already basic plot.



  1. Stupidity

Example: Episode 7, Brooke: Oh you have a knife in your chest? Here let me pull it out without considering the fact that I could accidentally cut something important like an artery or your heart.



  1. DAISY!

If the actress who plays Emma’s mother were anymore bland, she would be cauliflower or Elle Fanning in Maleficent. She’s supposed to be the former love interest of a deceased serial killer so the least she could do is have some facial expression when she receives a heart in the mail.



Will Scream: The TV Series do better in its second season? Watch MTV this Monday at 11 PM EST.