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At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show: Tips for Surviving Your First Rocky Horror Experience

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Ever since 1979, the Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a major cult hit. Each Saturday night fans from all over the globe gather in movie theaters to throw common objects and indulge in the art of screaming obscenities at a silver screen, all to celebrate there favorite film. The first midnight viewing can be both scary and fun for. Don’t get hot and flustered virgins (newbies) here are some tips that will make you do the Time Warp again and again and again!


1. Watch the film prior to the midnight viewing. You will not understand what is going on around you unless you do. RHPS is not a regular trip to the movies, do not expect to watch the film in peace.


2. Plan Ahead: Make sure you have a plan to get home, or else you are going to be stuck waiting until the sun rises, the movie gets out around 2am. Trains are a low cost alternative to taxis but they tend to be loaded with drunk college frat boys.

3.Get to Know Your Theater: Every RHPS experience is different. Some theaters like to have different themed Rocky Horror costume nights. Themes include: Disney, Halloween, Punk and French Aristocracy. Don’t be left out, check the theater’s or shadow cast’s (see below) website for updates on the show. Also call back lines tend to vary from theater to theater. A call back line is something the audience shouts at the screen before/during/after a point where character says or does something. For instance in Planet Schmanet Janet, the audience might use this common call back:

Audience: Hey Frank, what do you put on your hotdog?

Frank: (singing) Use a bit of mustard!

While certain call back lines are universal such as yelling the words asshole or slut after Brad and Janet’s names are mentioned, each audience is different. While it is okay to research lines to yell online before you see the movie, it might be better to just listen to the audience when seeing RHPS for the first time, then join in at your next viewing.


4.Use Buddy System: Seeing RHPS with friends will make the experience safer and more enjoyable.




5. Arrive Early: Lines to get in RHPS are pretty long, especially on Halloween. You’ll want to get in early say 11:15 in order to get food, prop bags (if sold) and a good seat. It is far better to sit in the front or middle rows by the aisles  when watching the film because shadow cast members are more likely to see you and interact with you. Sometimes there will be a pre-show performed before the movie followed by a demonstration of the Time Warp. A pre-show can mean that the film will be over later, make sure you keep track of the time.

6.Take Lots of Photos: You’ll want to remember this night forever and ever. Taking pictures is a fun way to preserve the experience. Be careful, some people don’t always want their photos taken and some theaters prohibit taking photos during the movie.  


7. Virgins: If it is your first time going to RHPS, you will be labeled as a “RHPS Virgin”. Make sure you to answer truthfully when asked if it your first time seeing this movie or else you will forever regret it. Virgins get very “special” treatment (don’t worry it’s worth it)

8.Props:At certain moments in film people will throw objects (confetti, cards, toilet paper, toast, hot dogs etc.) at the screen. This will enhance the experience. Be warned, many theaters do not allow food to be thrown at the screen because it attracts vermin ahead of time. Most theaters will sell prop bags with approved props for a total ranging from 1$ to 5$. During the song “Over at the Frankenstein Place”, people will flash their lights at the screen. Lighters are highly dangerous so use a flashlight instead.

9.Shadow Cast: The Shadow Cast is a group of actors who will dress up as characters from RHPS and act the movie out in front of the screen, sometimes improvising their own moves and actions. Some Shadow Casts will come out and perform at colleges. If you go to a college, you can ask your student activity coordination committee to book their own showing of RHPS.

10. Don’t be an Asshole! : Respect other people in the theater, don’t be “that one guy” who shows up to the theater too drunk and ruins everyone else’s experience. Never throw props at an audience. Being an asshole is frowned upon, however being a slut is highly encouraged as long as the people around you are okay with it. So go ahead, mack on some people, just don’t make anyone file a sexual harassment case against you.



11. Thank The Cast & Crew: People work very hard to put on these shows and they are very passionate about what the do. It is a nice gesture to thank the people involved and leave a cash tip.

12. Expect a lot of Drunk People:

After leaving the theater you are guaranteed to run into some people who have been out partying, while drunk people can be fun to be around, you don’t want to start a fight. If taking the train, expect a lot of drunk people (especially college students and underage teens) to be riding with you, so try to enjoy the ride without getting barfed on or accidentally punched in the face.

13.Share Your Experience: If you have a good time, tell people! Spreading the word will help bring more people (including friends) into the theaters, generating more cash for the shadow cast to do crazier things in the theater.

Overall the Rocky Horror Picture Show is a great attraction to go to with your own friends and an excellent way to make new friends.


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  1. I love the movie but have never seen a live performance. It is definitely on my bucket list though. Nice post!

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