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Scooby-Doo Meets the Boogeyman: A Scooby/ Michael Myers crossover


HADDONFIELD, IL- NOV. 1, 1978 12:01AM
The Mystery Machine in all its glory chugged upon the clean manicured main road of Northern Haddonfield Illinois.The driver of this van, Fred Jones, had his mind fixated on a treadmill of asphalt, the rest of his friends were half asleep, as to be expected. His more than close friend Daphne grasped her hands around the outside of his thigh, he felt much warmer with her touch.
“Gee, that music festival sure was groovy” Daphne said.
She had been feeling quite satisfied with herself this evening. She was carelessly sinking in to the front seat cushion of the van. Fred gave her a slight glance for only a moment, followed by a smirk. He then directed his attention back to the road. Shaggy and Scooby, who were nearly passed out, sprawled themselves across the back of the Mystery Machine’s cold metal floor. Scooby had his head gently tucked into Shaggy’s ribs, he looked like an overgrown cat. Shaggy raised his head slightly and turned himself to Daphne. In faded almost whisper like gruff he responded
“Yeah man, Scooby and I certainly had a good time”.
Shaggy reached from beneath him and pulled out a large bag of Cape Cod chips. For a moment he stared at the bag, dumbfounded, he was expecting the bag of chips to magically open and send the contents flying directly into his mouth. Alas these weren’t magic chips and he no longer had a spell book that could grant him that kind of power. With much forced effort Shaggy pulled the bag of chips open by its seem and fondled a huge handful of greasy goodness into his large mouth. Yellow crumbs dribbled down the side of his face and into his goatee, he didn’t care.
“Hey Velms, did you happen to save some of that…uh… cilantro from the music festival?”
Velma Dinkley, the gangs researcher and forensics expert, had half of her upper torso hanging out the window of the clunky vehicle. She had been gazing a circuit board of dancing stars.
She paused from her star gazing expedition.
“Yeah, I had an entire bag of the stuff” She said.
Shaggy threw his head back and began giggling ververently, he was sure that all the teeth in his mouth would turn to jello and fly away.
“Well Velma, I think Scoob might have mistaken some of your spicy biscuits for Scooby snacks”
“Jinkies!” She said cackling much like that old witch they had unmasked last summer in the bayou.
Up ahead, Freddie saw the road sparkling a familiar, blinding blue and red sensation. This was real, he knew it because he was fully awake and had a much sharper sense of awareness than his friends.
“Shaggy, Scooby, I think you better put away your Scooby Snacks, there’s a police block up ahead.
Moments later they had reached the row of wooden blockades reading “Police Line”. Two officers stood in front of the makeshift gate like Buckingham Palace guards. On the front of one of their jackets was a name tag that read “Officer Roberts”. He had held out his hand as if to emit a forcefield.
“Wait” He said.
The other officer circled the van raising a bright light through each of its windows.
He gave Roberts a thumbs up.
Roberts responded “Okay you’re good”.
“Wait, that’s it?” Fred thought.
Officers normally put up a fight whenever they saw teens out driving at night.
Not a single request to see Fred’s license, or for Shaggy to step out of the vehicle and walk in a straight line. This was unusual but also a blessing. Fred rolled down his window and extended his head out to the officer.
“What’s this all about officer?” Fred asked.
“It’s a police matter, we are not allowed to release much information quite yet. All I know is that a crazy man in a mask is running around town scaring the locals”
A very special look spread across Fred’s face, the gang knew it all too well.
With a glisten in his eyes Fred replied
“Well officer, my friends and I are more than qualified to deal with these types of situations”
The officer looks down at him sternly.
“Not this type of situation kid, this isn’t a children’s detective game” He said.
“I understand officer” Fred responded.
“Stay safe, stick together and don’t go snooping around.”
Fred nodded and slowly rolled the window back up. He continued to drive a couple of feet down the road.
“Well?” Velma said.
“Are we going to do what he said”
“Staying safe, sticking together and not snooping are all phrases that I am not familiar with Velma. It looks we have another mystery on our hands gang.”




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