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In 1974 a would be famous author, Stephen King, wrote a book that would forever impact the horror genre. This book was called Carrie, a tragic tale about an abused telekinetic girl who lets out her rage when she is pushed too far at prom. Through the years this book has spawned two movie adaptations, a tv adaptation and two musicals, all telling the same tale just in a different way. Many people consider the 1976 De Palma Carrie as the supreme adaptation, while there are many fans of the other adaptations as well, but who’s Carrie White would win if they all showed up to each others prom? This match will focus on a contestant’s level of rage, death toll, creativity and most screwed up life on screen or stage. For this contest Angela Bettis’s Carrie will be sitting on the sidelines since she is kind of redundant. This contest will not focus on who was the best actress only whose powers would kick the most ass.

Contestant #1: Vintage Carrie
Played by: Sissy Spacek
Starred in: Carrie (1976)
Special Power: Pyrokinesis

In corner number 1 we have, Sissy… er I mean Carrie White. She’s young, she’s frumpy and her hobbies include sowin’, reading books about sowin’ and taking long showers (not with the other girls of course). This girl knows how to pack a punch. Don’t laugh at her or she might set you ablaze. When this girl gets a killin’ she does it without blinking an eye, it’s almost like she is sociopath or something. Carrie would like to thank her momma Margaret White because without her bible smacking and her delicious homemade tea and pies, Carrie would not be standing with us today.

Contestant #2: Modern Carrie
Played by: Chloe Grace Moretz
Starred in: Carrie (2013)
Special Power: Flying

In corner number 2 we have contestant number 2, Carrie White’s younger sister Carrie White!
Carrie enjoys browsing the internet for cat videos, reading romantic novels, water volleyball and going on long car rides. People of Chamberlain, Maine can find her walking the streets browsing all the finest stores that Maine has to offer. Carrie someday hopes that she’ll be able to fly to Costa Rica to explore it’s fine jungles, but for now she can just fly over dangerous live wires and do some parlor tricks with her mind. Carrie would like to wish that everybody have a safe drive home, drink responsibly and don’t get stoned. She would also like to remind everyone to have safe sex and be careful with scissors.

Contestant #3: Retro Carrie
Played by: Linzi Hateley
Starred in: Carrie: The Musical (1988)
Special Power: Laser Beams

Joining us tonight we have Theater World Award winner, Carrie White. Carrie has been on the stage since 1988 and all broadway fans know her name. She enjoys all things 80’s and her favorite instrument is the drum machine. When she is not on stage, Carrie has know to take strides along the catwalk modeling the latest floating couture. Carrie’s list of favorite musicals includes: Les Miserables, Chicago, Oliver!, Mamma Mia, Mary Poppins and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. With all the money she made from her 5 night run on stage, Carrie used the money to buy a wine cellar which she is very proud about. Carrie has an award winning voice and critics say that when she opens her mouth, her voice is stunning like a laser, she really knows how to bring the house down. Of course it’s not easy being on broadway. Carrie was rejected by the critics at first but she certainly proved that if at first a flimsy, over the top broadway production does miserable at the box office… try try again.

Contestant #4: Revival Carrie
Played by: Molly Ranson
Starred in: Carrie: The Musical 2012
Special Power: Bloodbending

Carrie is glad to be returning to the ring after a long hiatus. She remerged in 2012, stepping back onto stage in a tiny corner of NYC. She’s all about the rock n’ roll dance craze, but she doesn’t mind listening to the contemporary gospel of Reverend Matthew P.P Bliss. Play the right tune and her heal’s of fire will start tapping and when she starts, you’ll start dancing too and you won’t ever stop. Open your unsuspecting hearts and let Carrie in because this dreamer in disguise wants to give you a night we’ll never forget.



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