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Diseased Minds- Act 1 Scene 1

I wrote this play for my Senior Modern Drama  Project because I noticed that there weren’t any modern, non-musical, stage plays. What could be more fun than a play about a wacky germaphobe and his homicidal brother, trying to aquire a vaccine during a plague? If you have any feed back for any of my scripts, Diseased Minds or Nightmare on Elm Street: Sleepstalker, be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT.


Act 1 Scene 1

A pristine apartment flat. Two rooms seen on stage a white marbled kitchen and the living room. The carpeted living room takes up the majority of the stage while the kitchen takes up the remaining amount. In the upstage center, a large window overlooking the city that changes color depending on the moment. In the center, a leather couch and a table sit alone. A door to get in and out of the apartment is located upstage between the kitchen and a fireplace. Next to the door on the right,  is a small cabinet with a large bottle of hand sanitizer. On the other side of the door is a curvy and intricate colored vase sitting inside a glass case upon a pedestal. Above the fireplace are a few books wrapped in plastic. Next to the window is a portrait of a clown that can change its emotions. Overall the apartments general look should give the vibe of a 50’s style apartment even though the time period is 2014 New years eve. The song “Lollipop” By the Chordettes plays.

“Call my baby Lollipop

Tell you why

‘Cause he’s sweeter than an apple pie

And when he does his shaky rockin’ dance

Man I haven’t got a chance

I call him Lollipop”

            Lights up on a man, Oliver Nero.  He is on his hands and knees scrubbing the tiles                                                   of  the kitchen. The music stops.

Oliver:(pulling out a small note pad) Swell. Okay I just have to water the azaleas, wash the windows and clean the rug before…

           Oliver paces around the room a bit until a knock comes from the door.

Oliver: I’m kind of busy at the moment.

            A voice from outside answers.

Voice: Come on Oliver, it’s me, your one and only brother.

Oliver: In that case, I am definitely busy.

Michael: But my hands are full and I’m cold, I’m gonna freeze Oliver, pleeeeaaassse.

Oliver:(Annoyed) Fine!

              Michael opens the door, he’s carrying a brown package.                                                                                                                           He looks as if he has traveled quite a ways to get here.

Oliver: Back it up Michael, you know the drill.

Michael: What are you a cop?

Oliver:  No I’m your brother, now take your shoes off.

Oliver hands Michael two plastic baggies for his feet. Then he grabs a bottle of sanitizer.

Michael: You’re killing me man.

Oliver: Actually you are killing me. The  SK542 virus is spreading all over Boston and I’m not going to be one who catches it.  My neighbor Sara…

Michael: (sarcastically) Here we go.

Oliver: Sara told me that her cousin Jenine contracted it and now her skin is changing color and her fingernails are falling out. Do you want to get that sick?

Michael: Oliver, you missed a spot

Oliver: (freaking out) WHAT? REALLY? WHERE?

  He looks around for a spot, nothing. Then turns around to see Michael chewing on his   

Oliver: (horrified) Michael, did you hear a single word I just said?

Michael: (still biting his nails) Huh?

Oliver rolls his eyes and grabs the sanitizer bottle again.

Oliver: You are so repulsive. Here take this.

Michael:  That stuff doesn’t just kill the harmful bacteria, you know ?

Oliver:  The old myth about sanitizer being bad for you still hasn’t been proven.

Michael: Whatever you say.

Oliver crosses over into the kitchen. He grabs a rag and a large kitchen knife and begins polishing it.

Oliver: Michael, of all the days to bother me, why did you choose this one?

Michael: Mom wanted me to bring this to you, late Christmas present or something. I had to carry it in the all the way here in the pouring rain.

Oliver: Uh what’s in it?

Michael: How the hell should I know? It could be her old Madonna cd’s. Here open it.

Oliver: Set it on the table.

Michael: Fine, I’ll open it.

              He opens the box and clumsily drops its contents on the floor,a pie.
             Oliver makes a scrunched up face at Michael, then raises his hands up into claws.

Michael: Mom never makes me pies.

Oliver: (grabbing and pointing the knife at Michael)  Get out!  Thanks for visiting you ba.. ba…

Michael: Bastard,  I believe the word you are looking for is bastard. My fiance uses it all the time.

Oliver stares blankly at the carpet. There are no words between them for a moment. He

           glares at Michael.

Michael: Look Olly, I’m sorry for dropping the damn pie on your carpet. I can fix…

Oliver: Don’t worry, I’ll clean  up like I always do. (to himself) okay, I gotta water the azalea’s, wash the windows and then clean the giant stain in the carpet.

Oliver starts towards the kitchen, unaware that Michael is leaving

Michael: (disappointed) Well, it was nice seeing you again..

Oliver: Uh huh…

Michael: I have to get going anyways, I have resolutions to make. .

          Michael starts to exit. Before he slips out the door bumps into the pedestal holding the   
          vase. Oliver sprints to stop it from falling over. He inhales/exhales loudly as if the vase                                                                           was his own child. 

Oliver: Don’t worry it falls over all the time.


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