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Nightmare on Elm Street: Sleepstalkers

The most recent of script that I have been working on. Essentially it’s a remake (I know that word gives people shudders) of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and 3. In this version I focus on Jesse Walsh (Freddy’s Revenge) and Kristen Parker (Dream Warriors). At the end of NOS2 Jesse’s fate was left a mystery. He couldn’t have just died could he? What possible connection could he have with the patients at the Westin Hills Asylum, other than maybe being a patient himself. Unfortunately/fortunately Freddy is back to his old tricks, but he’s also using the remaining “Elm Street Children” to settle some unfinished business with a few more unlucky individuals. In this script, no one is safe, including the parents of Springwood. This fake script also ties in with Freddy vs. Jason. I hope to maybe post some of the script in the near future.


One response to “Nightmare on Elm Street: Sleepstalkers

  1. raylitt ⋅

    Please oh please do. Freddy is my ultimate bogeyman and my biggest crush. I’d watch this in a heartbeat.

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