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It’s the Most Horrific Time of the Year: Part 2 Baby It’s Cold Outside continued

She stands at the door ready to turn the knob when in an instant her head is struck by a blunt object followed by a throbbing amount of pain. She felt like the hand of God had smacked the back of her head, sending her tumbling down a rabbit hole of blackness. Her thoughts ceased to become intelligible, Neddy had pulled a woolen blanket over her brain. Although her body was no longer equipped with consciousness, her soul had yet to slip away.
When she finally began to regain stability, her eyelids stretched like taffy and her nostrils began to flair, for she did not like the smell. The air was stiff, the air was dead, where she was sitting was darker than the hole that her mother was buried in. She moved as little as she could to find that her left hand was chained to what felt like a wooden post and she was sitting and in what felt like really dry spaghetti but was really hay. In the room she could just about make out a few washing machines and an endless amount of Christmas decorations. Shiny garland enveloped the edges of the room while rugged Christmas trees folded around the edges.
At first she screamed “HELP ME”
As she did, a familiar figure began making it’s way down the wooden stairs of her confining chamber.
“Now now, don’t even try it, I had these walls soundproofed years ago. I got the idea from a magazine article I read about Michael Jackson.”
“Why am I down here?”
He raised his head and for a moment he glared at her through his pale glass eyes.
“That’s simple my dear, you have a very important role to play.”
He turned the lights on, All around barnyard animals, plastic and droll in expression, surrounded her. Lambs, donkeys, oxen and camels all bearing expressions of drooping clocks.
To her left she saw three faux wise-men bowed before her bearing gifts of plastic gold, frankincense and myrrh, a far better gift than what the animals brought
“You have been given the starring role in my Nativity pageant” He grinned through slimy yellow teeth.
“ You will star as my Mary”
The woman threw her head back and laughed at the pathetic man.
“Dumbass, don’t you know anything about the Bible? I can’t be Mary, because I’m not a virgin.”
“Oh no you might not be, but I am”
The handcuffs were slipping, they did not feel very binding, actually they were very cheap handcuffs.
With her free hand she caressed the metal ring, it was clutching to her for dear life like a child who cannot leave it’s parent. Upon touching the cold metal, she discovered that these were not police handcuffs at all, they were childrens handcuffs. She could easily push the tiny lever on the handcuffs and release herself, but not yet.
“Are you comfortable?” Neddy said.
“I put a little hay in there for you to lie upon, you’ll get used to it.” He said skipping gently to the other end of the room to the washing machine. He wedged his fingers around the machines handle. With just three fingers he pried the rusty door open releasing a crude roaring squeal from it’s hinge. He reached in and pulled out an uncomfortable object from it’s mouth.
“Do you want to hold the baby?”
She looked up “The what?”
Right there a rippling wave of chunky vomit heedlessly rose inside her stomach.
“Oh shit what is that smell.”
It was a baby, blue with wrinkled blue skin holding out in a stasis reaching out for it’s mother.
A bundled stench of rotting fish and shit impaled the air and shot straight into her nostrils.
Neddy cradled the baby, rocking it back and forth. The baby gave no rudimentary response.
“I found him by the road one morning” He said.
“A woman was kind enough to leave him in a trash bag on route I-93. He wants you to be his mother”…


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